New Here
What to Expect
Is visiting allowed?
Of course!  We will be happy to welcome you as an honored guest.
Is there a dress code?
No, we do not have a dress code.  Men wear anything from shorts to suits and in between.  (Mostly in between.)  Women wear everything from shorts to dresses and in between.  (Mostly in between.)   Kids dress like kids!  Please come as you are.
Can we bring our children?
Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”  We think Jesus was a very smart man!  Children are especially welcome at LPUMC.  That’s why we have graded Sunday School classes (age 3 thru high school);  a professionally staffed Nursery;  kids' worship activity bags:  and a remodeled Sunday School classroom area.  We love children and youth, and we're ready to receive them!  
What’s the worship like?

None of our services are “stuffy” but each service has its own unique style.  We urge everyone to try them all to find the one that suits them best.  Many of our members “float” between services depending on the demands of their weekly schedule.
Our 8AM traditional service is filled with enthusiastic “morning people.”  They like to get up and get going!  People like this service because it is traditional and still small enough to easily make new friends.  Play area and activity bags for children who worship with their families at this service.
Our 9:30AM service is popular with people who enjoy upbeat contemporary worship in the relaxed setting of our Fellowship Hall.  Many of our families with children attend this service.  The children & youth typically attend for opening songs & to bring their offering, and then adjourn to attend Sunday School. Professionally staffed Nursery is available for infants & toddlers who are too young for the Sunday School experience.
Our 11AM traditional service is a favorite for music lovers and those who wish to start their Sunday at a more leisurely pace.  This service features a chancel choir, and once a month it also includes a bell choir & orchestra.  Professionally staffed Nursery, Children's Church, and activity bags are all available for children who worship with their families at this service.
What are the sermons like?
Our pastors strive to relate Biblical truth to day-to-day living in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  Once in a while they are funny too!  The same sermon is preached at all three services.
How long are the services?
Typically, our services last one hour.
Where are you located?
We are located one block west of Pax River Naval Air Station Gate 2 on Great Mills Road.  Coming from Gate 2 we are the big brick building on your left.  Our address is 21760 Great Mills Road Lexington Park MD 20653.
Where can I park?
We are blessed with a large parking lot next to the church building.  There are plenty of handicapped spaces available for those who need them.
Anything else I should know?
The people at the LPUMC really care about growing in their relationship with Jesus and serving our community. You will like them and they will like you!